* Operationalizing Mobile Gyne Clinic service, christened as 'WOW (Winning Over Women's) Cancer Express' in different States of India.

* Awareness Health Camps: Adolescent Reproductive Healthcare, Women’s Cancers, Healthy Heart, Human Ageing, Health & Nutrition, Diabetes, Reiki, Yoga & Meditation, Prostate Cancer, Prevention of TB and HIV/AIDS etc.

* Screening Health Camps: Women's cancers, Oral hygiene, Prostate diseases

MOBILE GYNE CLINIC SERVICE: WOW (Winning Over Women’s) Cancers Express

World Healthal Trust (Centre for Holistic Health & Education) is developing multiple units of WOW Cancer Express, a mobile clinic service for detecting the early signs of cervical and breast cancers through primary screening while creating awareness about the four cancers that affect only women: cervical, breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers. Having multi-centric operation, the WOW Cancer Express is envisaged to be equipped with the facility for on-site primary screening of women to detect suspect cases of cervical and breast cancers. With expert gynecologists and cancer specialists on board, the WOW Cancer Express could cater up to 25 patients a day. A thorough follow-up of referral cases ensuring them timely treatment, thus helping affected women win over cancer, is the ultimate goal. The need of the hour is to provide this service particularly to underprivileged women in both rural and urban communities as these cancers are fully treatable in the early stages while they become malignant and untreatable in the advanced stage. The WOW Cancer Express also meets the need to create awareness among women about their reproductive health in general and gynecological cancers in particular.


Even though water is found in abundance on our planet, the access to safe drinking water is a major challenge faced by most people especially the rural populations of developing countries including India. While accessing drinking water continues to be a problem, assuring that it is safe is an additional challenge by itself. To counter this challenge, World Healthal Trust (Centre for Holistic Health & Education) has taken the initiative of constructing low cost and low maintenance water filtration plants for ensuring the supply of safe drinking water in the villages of India.


World Healthal Trust (Centre for Holistic Health & Education) conducts community health camps for creating awareness and providing solutions to various health issues. Our team comprising highly experienced doctors, educationists, scientists and health communicators are dedicated to provide the beneficiaries the relevant knowledge for early detection of various illnesses including lifestyle diseases and cancers, focussing on their prevention and timely treatment.


Our interactive health camps cover a wide range of themes related to various health issues and social concerns like Adolescent Reproductive Healthcare, Women’s Cancers, Healthy Heart, Human Ageing, Health & Nutrition, Diabetes, Reiki, Yoga & Meditation, Prostate Cancer, Importance of Safe Drinking Water, Prevention of T.B and HIV/AIDS etc.


Our screening camps primarily focus on: Women’s Cancers, Oral Hygiene and Prostate Diseases to detect the suspect cases on the spot, while referring them to hospitals/health centres where the beneficiaries could avail advanced screening and treatment facilities. In addition to screening and referral services, we undertake the regular follow-up of the beneficiaries to record their progress during the course of treatment to ensure complete recovery.


Successful treatment of all problems like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Uncontrolled anger, Addiction & Obsession, Low self Esteem, Pain, Trauma, Chronic fatigue, Sleep disorders, Unwanted Habits by Specialized Healing Therapies like Acupressure, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, EFT, Hypnosis, Lamafera.