The Universal, all-pervading life energy is present within and all around us. It is the imbalance of this energy in our body that creates blockages, hindering its flow through the energy channels. This physically manifests itself in the form of several diseases, which is why bioenergy therapies help in rooting out the disease from its cause, thus restoring health. Integrative healing approach using specific combinations of bioenergy therapies like Reiki, LamaFera, Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Yoga and Meditation, bring magical cures that are safe, sure and without side effects.

The human body has a wonderful innate capacity to heal itself. The fundamental principle underlying holistic treatment is that the natural defense machinery/immune system when strengthened, has the potential to heal and prevent diseases. Although modern drugs bring quick symptomatic relief, their misuse could be dangerous. Besides, their side effects are sometimes greater than the benefits.

Bioenergy therapies, therefore, act as an alternative to the mainstream medicine. Working at the mental, emotional and psychological levels, they help to rebuild tissues and establish equilibrium at all levels. Healing of all chronic conditions, particularly the psychosomatic disorders, is possible. Stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, trauma, chronic fatigue, sleep disorder etc., find a relief. Thus, bioenergy therapies heal from within, give relief from illness and make a person constitutionally stronger to fight any illness.

Reiki:- The Usui system of Reiki is a very simple healing method by which the Universal Life Energy (chi) is channeled to the human body. This hands-on healing method can correct energy imbalances, as well as recharge energy depleted body parts. Through the use of appropriate symbols, distance healing is also done as the Universal Life Energy has the power of infinite projection, based on intent.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):- This easy-to-learn, fast and effective healing method helps to free a person from various emotional burdens. It works by releasing blockages within the energy system which are the source of emotional discomfort and disharmony. Based on the specific pressure points of acupressure, tension is released with expansion of awareness and mental clarity.

Yoga:- The practice of various asanas/yoga postures, mudras and pranayamas have a profound effect on the human well-being. Practiced correctly and regularly, these practices are well known to prolong life while bringing inner peace and happiness.

Meditation:- Various techniques of meditation help in controlling the restlessness of mind. An effective tool for stress reduction, regular meditation improves the quality of life by clearing the burden of unwanted thoughts, bringing calmness and a greater awareness of the present moment.

Hypnotherapy:- It helps to treat many psychological disorders as by tapping into the subconscious mind that has a repertoire of stored memories, the healer facilitates a patient to shed bad habits, phobias etc., through the power of autosuggestion.

LamaFera:- This powerful energy healing system has been practiced by Buddhist monks. It is used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Many symbols of this healing can be used in the practice of Reiki.

Crystal Therapy:- A wide range of crystals are known, with each one being unique in altering the energy levels to bestow specific healings in the human body. Through different methods, the unique properties of crystals are used in bioenergy healing.

World Healthal Trust employs a two-prong strategy for promoting integrative bioenergy healing:

HEALING:- Healing sessions are given to patients for treating various chronic diseases, psychosomatic disorders and disease conditions difficult to treat by mainstream medicine. Distance healing is also done.

TRAINING:- Workshops are conducted for teaching various bioenergy healing techniques. In a unique endeavor, physicians and nurses of various hospitals are encouraged to learn particularly Reiki and Hong Sau meditation to provide an extra level of care, a value-added benefit, for their patients.

These certificate courses are specially designed for people who want to change their lives for good and take full control of it through self-healing and healing others. Course manuals help in learning and practicing these energy enhancement techniques easily.